11. Scripting is not allowed. If you are going to play you must be at the keyboard entering any commands. If you are not at your keyboard, your character should be idle. There are no exceptions to this rule.

12. Please do not put down other muds here. Do not compare our mud to others on the lines. We have worked hard and hope you enjoy it. No one here cares if you think X mud is better or worse than this one. No one cares what you did on another mud. This mud is for playing and having fun; not bashing other muds; not bashing this mud; not bashing other games players, admins, etc. DO NOT discuss other muds here.

13. The delivery system: Using scripting, speed walk programs, gate, fly or any other forms of quick movement is against the rules. Anyone breaking this rule will have all money and experience for up to 10 levels removed.

14. Feeding is illegal. Feeding is when a player does nothing but still gets experience or other benefits. If you are in a party, you should be helping in some way, this does not mean sitting in the square and mhealing either. If you are healing for the party you should be with the party in whatever room they are fighting in. Going around with someone and weakening or half-killing all the monsters for them when not partied is also feeding. Breaking this rule will result in character deletion for everyone involved.

15. Character sharing is not allowed for reasons of character abuse by multiple parties. If you are found to be sharing a character with any one else, the shared character will be arrested and deleted. Everyone involved will be punished as well.

16. LAN Rules: If you are connecting from a LAN based connection with more than one player on at a time you are not allowed to exchange money or items. PKing (Player Killing) while on a LAN is forbidden. Breaking LAN rules is an instant rid and possible banishment of the LAN's IP.

17. All finger info, enter and exit messages, title, description, etc. shall not contain lewd or offensive material. This includes, but is not limited to, referances to illegal activities, racial remarks, lewd behavior, or anything else the Staff deems should not be allowed.

18. Stealthing your enter and exit messages with color or misleading information is not allowed. An exit message should have a clear message of which direction you leave in.

19. Names shall be of a fantasy nature to fit in with the mud's fantasy setting. It is for the admins to decide if a name is not of a fantasy nature. Names are hard to rule on and this rule will be very loosly enforced. Names such as newbiekiller, dontkillme, Imkool, etc are not allowed and will be rid from the mud.

We re all here to have fun. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse. Rules will be enforced at an admin's discretion. Use common sense when deciding anything. Admins do and will update these rules as needed. We suggest reading the rules at least on a monthly basis.

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