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Help for the Imaginary Intermud Postal Service
v1.0 by Descartes of Borg 1993

Adds a list of players to the group named. If no such group exists, it is

Deletes a list of players from your mailing group. If no list is given,
the entire group is deleted.

Shows the members of the group named. If no group is named, it shows the
names of all available groups, including those defined by the mud.

Gives detailed help on the command you ask for. If no command is stated,
you get this help file!

Mails to a list of recipients.

Marks either the letter named or the current letter for deletion when
you quit out of the mailer.

Unmarks a letter marked for deletion.

Lists the headers for letters starting at the letter given until
the last one. If no letter is named, it lists all headers.

Replies to the letter named, sending the reply to those addressed in
the "to" list if a "to" argument is given, to those in the "to" and
"cc" lists if an "all" argument is given, or simply to the original sender
if no argument is given. If you do not specify a letter number, the
current letter is replied to. The capital "R" command includes
the original text in the reply.
"r": replies to the person who sent the current letter
"R": replies to the person who sent the current letter, including the
original text
"r to": replies to those listed in the to list and the original sender
of the current letter
"R 4 all": replies to the original sender, the people in the to list,
and the people in the cc list of letter number 4 including the
original text in the reply.

Forwards either the letter named or the current letter to the list of
people or groups you want. The capital "F" command allows you
to add your own comments before the full original text.

Quits from the mailer. The capital "Q" quits without marking your
read letters or deleting the mail you marked for deletion.

All typos and bugs should be sent to Stormbringer