Help on Ships

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Ahoy mateys and welcome to the seas! Our oceans provide a means of transport to reach far off lands just waiting to be discovered.

Starting Out
Ships may be purchased from various Ship Keepers throughout Primal Darkness.

- moves your boat in the direction you choose.
- allows you to exit the boat to a dock.
- gives you the coordinates your boat is at.
- enters a raft to go ashore on a beach.
- if you have a pole, you can fish from a boat.
- shout to a neighboring ship
- board a neighboring ship
- fire on a neighboring ship
- plunder loot from a sunken ship

Ships can be upgraded from only certain Ship Keepers. Various ship stats can be improved:

level: Increases the overall level of the ship, unlocking more improvements
armour: Increases the maximum damage your ship can take.
weapons: Increases the damage of your weapons
storage: Increases the amount of available storage space on your ship
vision: Increase the distance you can see in land, ice, docks, etc.


Ships may enter combat with one another by ing on the other player. Only manned ships may be attacked, but any may be ed. If you damage another players ship enough, it will sink, leaving behind loot to .

To heal damage, you must find the Ship Keeper that deals with ing ships. If by the unlucky chance you are sunk, you must build a new ship and start again.

A ship can handle more damage with the more armour it has. The better weapon and armour strength you have, the better your ship will be at ship to ship combat.

You may also other ships and plunder their storage bins.

You may other ships.


The day and night description of your ship may be customized at a Ship Keeper that deals in customization. You may the descriptions of your ship from there.

All typos and bugs should be sent to Stormbringer