Help on Originality

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Some areas, spells, commands, and other things are not orginal
to Primal Darkness. A few things are still stock from the
Nightmare mudlib. Most of the ideas we implement on this mud
are something we have seen somewhere else, something we think
would be a good addition, or something a player has asked to
have added to the game. We do not claim to be 100% original
but we do strive to be different. Understand, we do not hunt
other muds for ideas. We do not intentionally copy anyones
ideas to claim for our own. If you see something here you saw
on another game we hope you understand it is not our intention
to steal their ideas. We add things and do things to make
playing Pd a better experience for everyone. About 95% of our
areas are original and all areas are listed in help credits.

All typos and bugs should be sent to Stormbringer