Help on Name policy

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Effective for characters created after Jan 17th, 2006:

1) No words, unless that word is used as a name in real life.
Examples of names NOT to use: Car, Skyscraper, Murderer, Runner, Dancing.
Examples of ok names: Crystal (or various spellings thereof), Daisy.

2) No titles, occupations, class names, or race names.
Examples of bad names: Warrior, Jockey, Lord, Ogre

3) No phrases or proper names (of landmarks, locations, etc.).
Examples of bad names: Danceswithwolves, Statueofliberty, Slayerofnewbs, Killuall.

4) No names from famous works (usually books, but also movies, TV shows, etc.).
Basically, if you know you are ripping a name from a book, don't use it.
Examples of names NOT to use: Allanon, Bilbo, Gandalf, Ged, Legolas, Chewie, Nevyn.

5) Any misspellings of the above.

6) These rules are somewhat flexible but will be enforced based on the discretion of the admins.

All typos and bugs should be sent to Stormbringer