Help on Housing

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Houses are currently available for sale in Arlon.

A player may own a house anywhere on the main continent, as long as there is room for it. Each town has a 'housing district' where houses may be built if you wish your house to be in a town.

Housing prices:
One room house: 750,000 gold
Extra rooms: 250,000 gold each
Lockable rooms: 500,000 gold

In housing prices, a $1 donation is equal to 50,000 gold. This means that if you want, you can do a cash donation to Primal Darkness to pay for your house.

Housing donation prices:
One room house: $15 donation
Extra rooms: $5 donation
Lockable Rooms: $10 donation

There are also a couple of donation-only housing features. Currently available are:

NPCs, for $10 each, which will be balanced to the area your house is in. They will come with one custom item. These NPCs are only available in unlocked rooms, and will be killable by anyone.

A teleportation crystal, for $20, will be an unlimited use item similar to a Seal of Tirun, which will take you to your front door. It is a magical item which will use some mana every time you use it. It will be no-drop and autoload only for you.

If you are interested in housing in Arlon, please mail or send a tell to Vian. Housing prices are only this way until New Arlon is implemented, at which time there will also be a fee to buy land from the current NPC owners, and to have their land demolished.

Please note, houses can be paid for with a mix of gold and cash donation if you
would like. $1 is equal to 50,000 gold of housing.

To donate, please use the donate button on and forward your Paypal receipt to when you talk to Vian about getting housing.

All typos and bugs should be sent to Stormbringer