Help on Experience

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You advance your character by gaining experience points, or exp.

The most common method is by killing monsters, but you can also
gain experience from finishing quests, doing deeds, and delivering goods.
Some classes also have specialties which can let them gain experience,
such as healing for clerics or stealing for thieves.

If you are level 20 or above, the following bonuses will apply:
Killing elite monsters will yield a bonus to your exp gained,
and killing anything that is significantly bigger than you
(your level + 25%) will give you an additional 10% bonus to exp.

While in a party, all experience gained is divvied up among the
members of the party. Each member receives less than the full amount,
but the total among all members is greater than the original exp,
resulting in a net bonus. The command displays how much
experience you've gained while in the party, among other things.

Experience points can be spent to your level, your skills,
or your stats. You must be in your class or subclass hall for this,
with the exception of wanderers, who can their levels anywhere.
Studying languages also uses up experience points, this can be done at a
sage such as the one in Tirun.

To see how much exp you have, you can check the command,
and the command will show costs for your stats as well as a general
idea of how much exp is required to to the next level.
A more precise display is shown in the command.

See also: advance, cost, score, hp, party

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