Help on Delivery

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The delivery system has been put in play for those players who wish to play
without fighting or for players who find fighting is to tough at first. To
make a delivery you must first goto the Tirun Docks and find the delivery
warehouse. Packages from all over come to Tirun to be delivered to the
vendors who sell items to players. Once you find the Headmaster of the
delivery warehouse you and he will give you a package and tell
you where the delivery is to go. Take the package to the vendor he tells you
to and . The vendor will then pay you for the delivery
if you made good time and give you a receipt. If you were late the vendor will
not pay you but will still give you a receipt. Take the receipt back to the
Headmaster. You may not accept another job until you have returned the receipt.

The delivery system was created by Drackmire for Primal Darkness. We thank him
for the time involved in making a good system that allows our players to play
in a non violent manner if they so choose.

All typos and bugs should be sent to Stormbringer