Help on Death

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If you lose all your hit points, you will die.

When you die your body will fall to the ground and your belongings will
stay with it, with a few rare exceptions. Anyone who happens by is free
to take anything. Eventually, the body will decay, but its contents will
simply spill onto the ground rather than vanish.

The spiritual mysteries of death are not well understood, but it is known
that most who die are eventually brought back to life. Spirits of the dead
can often be found in the Tirun monastery, praying to some divine force
for resurrection. Unfortunately, the new bodies given this way are often
lacking in physical statistics compared to your original. The shock of
dying also usually causes you to forget some of your skills and lose
experience points and levels.

These penalties are very minor for anyone of a lower level, but they get
progressively worse the higher your level is. It's said that having an
experienced cleric pray for your resurrection can significantly reduce
the losses associated with death.

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