Help on Credits

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Primal Darkness was made by:

Admins: Daos, Luna, Nulvect, Stormbringer, Whit
Immortals: Amun, Vian, Ymir

Area Credits:

Aekari - Danovae Arlon (New & Past) - Vian
Arlon Zoo - Cortoth Campgrounds - Durst
Citrin Forest - Whit Distopia - Hermes
Dragonlands - Pyro & Nulvect Dragonlands Caves - Amun & Vian
Dunsinane - Powerman Elven Village - Amarael
Forbidden Forest - Detach & Soulfly Goblin Mines - Marduk
Helgrath - Vhaldir and Staff Inferi Island - Amun
Lodos - Inferno Lodos Farm - Crem
Lost Lands - Durst Merkkirri - Asmodeus
Muabark Desert - Durst North Tirun Orchard - Daos
Purgatory - Wraith Rhondale - Prator
Ridarin - Nulvect Roston - Detach
Saahr - Nulvect Tenebrae - Nightshade
Tirun - Stormbringer Tirun Casino - Ace
Tirun Forest - Stormbringer Tirun Graveyard - NM Mudlib
Tirun Sewers - Nightshade Tirun Bay - Ironman
Troll Caves - Wolfspirit Zolenia - Vian

Systems and Security:

Delivery System - Drackmire Extra Spells - Kaknal
Guild System - Whit Gaming Events - Daos
Guild Payments - Nesoo Guild Updates - Daboura
Ocean System - Whit Networking - Whit
Player Balance - Nulvect Security - Whit
Senses System - Ironman Sky System - Whit

Thanks goes out to those have built areas on the builders port and to
everyone whos has contributed to this mud with ideas or suggestions.
We thank those individuals not listed in credits who helped with this
mud in any way, shape, or form. Anyone interested in building or coding
should speak to an admin.

The original Nightmare Mudlib was made by:

Driver: Shadowwolf
Mudlib: Descartes (assist: Bohemund, Gregon, Kalinash, Pallando, Valodin)

Primal Darkness Mudlib Customizations: Inferno, Nightshade, Nulvect,
Seeker, Stormbringer, Whit, Wiz

Staff Now Gone: Ace, Amarael, Asmodeus, Azire, Daboura, Detach, Helena,
Hepualahaole, Hermes, Inferno, Ironman, Ithilgore,
Kabaal, Levi, Marduk, Nesoo, Nightshade, Pyro,
Rubicante, Seeker, Shinkoro, Slinker, Suluial, Venenum,
Wiz, Wraith

All typos and bugs should be sent to Stormbringer