Help on Boats

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A boat is a means of transportation that is intended for use on the Ocean. Boats may be purchased from John, the boat master, who is located at the docks south of the city of Tirun. The initial cost of a boat is 20000 gold coins. Once a boat has been purchased, it may be upgraded somewhere in this vast world, to be superior to the average vessel.

The following is a list of commands that may be used with a boat:

<sail [direction]> - The boat sails in the direction specified in '[direction]'. These are essentially some of the same directions useable on land: north, east, south and west.

<land> - This command allows you to exit the boat and board a dock, if one is present.

<location> - The coordinates of your boat will be provided by this command.

<enter raft> - This command allows you to exit the boat and enter a raft which will take you to the shore of a beach. Not all beach-like land is accessible via a raft.

<fish> - A command useable if a fishing rod is present in your inventory, allowing you to begin fishing from a boat.

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