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Rogues live on the misery of others, whether it is directly through the
killing of people in a random sort of way, or through stealing and picking
pockets. These people often become assassins and thieves, and they get
their experience in any way they see fit. They are not the best of
fighters nor do they have time to learn the magical arts, but they are
very adept at the arts of deception. Races with high dexterity make the
best rogues.
Assassin: The hired killers of Primal Darkness, assassins are the
masters of disguise and deception. Striving to sell their trade
to the highest bidder, assassins have no morals nor any goodness
in them. Assassins are known to be shrewd and skilled in killing.

MAGENTA%^Scout: The forerunners of Primal Darkness, scouts sell their skills to
anyone willing to pay. They show no allegiance to anyone. Scouts
are known for their sense of direction and knowledge of the
country side.

Thief: The pickpockets of Primal Darkness, thieves seek to get
rich through stealing from others. Using their knowledge of stealth
and disguise they pick pockets and steal items. Thieves are known for
their greed and cowardice.

Thug: The swindlers of Primal Darkness, thugs seek to make it on
the suffering of others. Using their skill of stealth they strive
to do anything they can to make their lives easier. They sometimes
hire themselves out as strongarms only to end up betraying the ones
who hired them. Thugs are known for being double crossing rogues.
Rogue subclasses may share a few abilities, but they all have their specialties.

Rogues are rumoured to have hidden their hall somewhere to the northwest...

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