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Mages have devoted their lives to learning magic. They have no powers of
faith, and their time spent learning magic takes away from any time they
might have spent learning fighting skills. They are very capable of
learning, however, offensive type spells and spells of a conjuring nature.
They are generally not tremendously pious nor are they terribly wicked.
Mages must, however, be fairly intelligent and wise.
Necromancer: The black magi of Primal Darkness, necromancers dabble in the
dark arts of death magic. Necromancers have the magic to summon
and control the undead. Along with their knowledge of poisons
and disease, the necromancer is a force of evil.

Pyromancer: The fire dancers of Primal Darkness, pyromancers command great
control over magics of fire. With their knowledge, pyromancers
can call on fire to bend to their will causing great damage
and suffering to their enemies.

Sorceror: The psionicists of Primal Darkness, sorcerors have learned to
harness their own mental energy. By shaping it into semi-physical
forms, they can use telekinetic force or even attack the mind
directly, causing intense mental trauma for which there is little

Wizard: The thaumaturgist of Primal Darkness, wizards choose
to control the mana of the world around them. Changing the
very essence of things to their will, wizards command raw
magics most would not dare to touch.
Mage subclasses share some spells and have other spells that are
unique to each subclass. The legends of excitement and adventure await the
power and craft of the mage.

The mage hall is reported to be to the east of the square.

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