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Fighters form a very diverse group whose only common theme is that they
have devoted their lives to learning the skills of combat. Players of this
class may be good, evil, or neutral. They may serve a pious king, or they
may serve only themselves. Fighters generally should have high strength
and constitution to aid them in their physical battles. They spend much
of their learning time studying how to use weapons of different types, as
well as mastering hand-to-hand combat and self-defense. There are many
different type of fighters to choose from.
Berserker: The scrappers of Primal Darkness, berserkers prefer to fight
hand to hand. Superstitious of magic, berserkers shun all
magical items. The battlelust of a berserker is legendary.

Paladin: The holy knights of Primal Darkness, paladins can have their
prayers answered by thier diety giving them the appearance of
having magic. The faith of a paladin is known to be steadfast.

Antipaladin: The corrupted knights of Primal Darkness, antipaladins pray
to a deity of darkness for more destructive power. Many are
half-sane zealots. Their sadistic nature is feared by all.

Ranger: The woodland protector of Primal Darkness, rangers have many
skills that have nothing and everything to do with fighting.
Their devotion to the woodlands has gained them respect.

Warrior: The skilled weaponsmaster of Primal Darkness, warriors choose
many different ways to use their skills. Some sell their
services while other protect one and all in the lands. A
warrior's skills are known through out the world to be deadly.
Fighter subclasses share some abilities and have other abilities that are
unique to each subclass. The legends of excitement and adventure await the
might and prowess of the fighter.

The fighter hall is reported to be not to far south and west of the square.

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