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Clergy form a very diverse group whose only common theme is that they
have devoted their lives to their faith. Clergy generally should have
high wisdom and intelligence to aid them in their magical prayers.
They spend much of their time worshiping whatever it is they believe in.
There are many different types of clery to choose from.
Cleric: The healers of Primal Darkness, clerics pray to their diety
to grant them healing and protection. Although not actually
versed in magic, prayers answered by their diety giving them
the appearance of having magic. The cleric is known for their
faith and goodness.

Druid: The believers in nature of Primal Darkness, the druid work
to bring unity to the world through nature. They strive to
protect and be at peace with nature. They have many ways of
effecting nature and having all things natural answer their
prayers. The druid is known for their devotion and goodness.

Kataan: The demon worshipers of Primal Darkness, kataans seek to
spread evil and chaos. The demons of the underworld answer
their prayers and do their bidding. The kataans are known
for their bitterness and great hatred of all nonbelievers.

Monk: The martial artists of Primal Darkness, monks believe in the
unity of the body. They worship their diety who in return
grants their prayers and teaches them of chi. They strive
for knowledge and understanding of their bodies and the ways
of hand to hand combat. Monks are known for their goodness
and faith.
Clergy subclasses may share a few spells or abilities, they all have their specialties.

The clergy hall is reported to be to the east of the square.

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