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Classes represent the way of life you will choose for your character.
Primal Darkness is a world that simulates a reality of ancient fantasy.
In pursuit of making this reality come as alive as possible through a
textual medium, we have created a system of classes which represents
the general life-calling of individuals. In general, people fall into one
of the following groups in the fantasy world envisioned here:
MAGENTA%^Fighters: Who spend their lives training themselves to use weapons and
hand-to-hand combat.

MAGENTA%^Mages: Who have devoted their lives to learning magic for the sake of
power and the pursuit of knowledge.

MAGENTA%^Clergy: Who spend their lives serving whatever they worship in pursuit
of their beliefs.

MAGENTA%^Rogues: Who live in the shadows and prey on the unwary and the weak.

MAGENTA%^Wanderers: Who travel the lands trying to quench their wanderlust.
(*) See for more on individual classes

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