Boredom comes often in daily life. It's cold and wet outside and you have nothing to do inside. You could play a game, but you never have enough money for the latest technology to run them. And, all of the old games can only be played so many times, or can they? Welcome to the exciting world of Primal Darkness Multipurpose User Dimension (Or MUD for short), a game that keeps on playing, a game that is forgiving of old technology and welcomes you to a user friendly interface filled with people all over the world that will keep a person entertained for years on end.

If you are like me, the first question you have is, "What exactly is a MUD?" The answer is simple, a MUD is a text based game you play over the Internet. You do not need to install software, you do not need the latest video card or processor to play it, the fact that it is totally text means that any computer with any type of Internet connection is more then able to handle the interaction between you and the server. The server gives you output, and you provide input which will guide the game flow. For example, the game tells you an imp has entered the room. You don't like imps, so you want to kill it. You type, "Attack imp" and the game will start its battle sequence where you can use skills and spells you have learned to kill the pesky creature. The game responds to you, making your adventure totally original and customized.

In Primal Darkness, you are thrown into the middle of a chaotic holy war between Good and Evil. Angels and Demons fight and die around you, each pleading, prying, or deceiving you, trying to get you on their side to give them the advantage. Choose from one of twenty three races, pick your class and subclass and dive into the waiting realms. Add an easy to learn, always evolving, class combat system and a group of friendly fellow gamers for a life altering adventure of the mudding kind!

"But wait," you might say, "If this game is played using words, won't that make it boring?" To answer this question, all you have to do is type MUD into any search engine to return a veritable hailstorm of results. Millions of people play thousands of MUDs all across the world, would they be very popular if they were boring? MUD gaming has been around since the advent of the Internet, but despite the recent technological increases that allow for games with graphics that rival real life, MUDing has not slacked off! If anything it has grown in popularity. The reasons being are its simplicity to learn, it's interactive and non linear structure, the fact that there is no end, and possibly the best reason of all, it's 100% free.

So, with all this, who can possibly not want to play Primal Darkness? Join the good fight against evil, or perhaps become the ultimate evil yourself. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination in the world that is Primal Darkness. Come to mud.primaldarkness.com:5000 and start your adventure today.